Hashrate 23.96 GH/s @ 2040 W +/-10%

This product is intended for newcomers and veterans that enjoys a hassle-free process of mining.

We build, install and ship a plug-and-play server with 12 x S1 Hashblades.

Our customer service will, on your request, assist you in filling in your pool user information, so that when your server(s) arrive, you plug it in and boot it up. Hassle free.

The server measures  175mm (h) * 805 mm (w) * 440 mm (d).

The hashrate is estimated to 23.96 GH/s (+/-10%) and 2040 W (+/-10%) at the wall. The power supply supports both 230v and 110v.

The system is cooled by ten pieces 90mm double ball silent fans that run 500 to 4500 RPM .

 3300 W Power supply unit, gold rated, minimum.

Intel Celeron G3900 CPU (or better)

Hard drive 60 GB or larger. Mother board has outputs for video, and inputs for mice and keyboard.

Pre-installed OS and drivers.

12 PCIe slots, filled with hashblades.

Final specifications may vary, as we are always striving to improve the final product.